1. Nike sells a commodity, they sell shoes. And yet when you think of Nike you feel something different than a shoe company. In their ads, as you know, they don’t ever talk about the product, they don’t ever talk about their air soles, how they’re better than Reebok’s air soles. What’s Nike do in their advertising? They honor great athletes and they honor great athletics. That’s who they are. That is what they are about.

    — Steve Jobs, during a town hall meeting with employees before unveiling the “Think Different” campaign in 1997. (via parislemon)

  2. Popcorn Maker | Mozilla →

    Interactive media. This is just getting started.

  3. Reimagining the Windows Command Line  →

    Great project, way overdue. 

  4. Xbox Surface: Microsoft's 7-inch gaming tablet →

    Wonder what kind of games will be compelling enough for people to buy a tablet to play them

  5. My first WP app published - Feather Notes →

  6. parislemon:


Yeah, Right.

It’s always a joke until it’s not.



    Yeah, Right.

    It’s always a joke until it’s not.

  7. Windows Phone 8 Features, VPN Uncertain | Insideris →

    Hopefully, this will make those people whining about the Apollo upgrade to shut up. FWIW, I believe that MS will still try to get Windows Phone 8 to run atleast on the 512 MB RAM devices. The only thing that the current WP7 owners will probably miss out on will be the more graphically intensive games. I believe all apps can be made to run with the current gen hardware. This is a model that Microsoft has perfected all these years - with Windows in PCs

  8. Bookmarklet to make a QR code for a web page →


  9. Light Table - a new IDE concept →

    Some interesting ideas. I don’t see this working out on Object Oriented languages.. 

  10. Free apps eat up your phone battery just sending ads →

    In case you were wondering why your smartphone runs out of battery so fast.